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Long considered sacred by the Apache and Mimbres tribes of Southern New Mexico, the natural, mineral-rich water of Riverbend Hot Springs has been relaxing and rejuvenating warriors and peace-seekers alike for centuries. Untouched and odor-free, the world-class mineral water is pumped from deep within the Earth directly to the pools. Now, you can experience these legendary crystal clear waters from a breathtaking riverside location.

the Three Ways to soak
Buy a Property Pass

Our 1 Hour Property Pass grants you access to the Common Hot Springs Pools, the Sauna, and all common parts of our grounds. It is first come, first served and does not include access into a Private Pool but you could combine the two services.

Rent a Private Pool

Our Deluxe and Classic Private Pools are rented via a 50 minute session that starts at the top of each hour. You can reserve one or multiple sessions in advance and the Property Pass is not included when you rent a Private Pool but you could combine the two services.

Rent a Room or RV site

As an overnight guest, you will get free unlimited access to the Common Pools, Sauna and Grounds during pool hours and discounted rental of your Private Pool sessions.

Pool Rates

Come relax with us

Property Pass*
(1 hour access to Common Pools, Sauna, and Grounds)
1 Hour
What’s Included?
Access to Common Pools, Sauna, and Grounds
1 Hour
Per Person:
$12: Off Peak (Monday-Thursday)
$15: Peak (Friday-Sunday)
Overnight Guests:
NO – Walk in Only
Private Soak*
50 Minutes
What’s Included?
Entry Fee for a Classic or Deluxe Pool
50 Minutes
Off Peak (Mon-Thurs) 1 or 2 People: $30
Peak (Fri-Sun) 1 or 2 People: $40
Each Addl Person:$15
Overnight Guests:
25-33% OFF
YES, and highly recommended

* Children age 12 or over are allowed.
*** During pool hours (see below) until 10 AM of your checkout day.
– Extras like towel, robe & swim suit rentals and bottled water are available for rental.

Common Pools

It’s All About Options

The riverside common pools consist of 8 pools, each with a different temperature ranging between 95-108 degrees. They are situated around a shaded river deck and include a cold shower for cooling off, as well as our large shaded patio with chaise loungers, hammocks, papasans, evaporative coolers (in the Summer), gas firepit (in the Winter), and our 6 person barrel sauna! Our river pier offers the most amazing vistas and has become THE place to read, bird-watch, or even get married!

The common pools are accessible via a one hour Property Pass. Or, if you stay the night in one of our overnight rooms or RV, they are included. We do not reserve space in the common pools and there is limited availability.

Our hottest three pools are nicknamed The Hot Minnow Baths, because they have a unique history. Until 1990, Riverbend was a riverside bait shop that was built over 70 years ago by the Pierce family. Riverbend’s owners purchased the bait shop in 1988, made a colossal leap and converted their family run bait shop to a hot springs in early 1990. Though they have been reformatted and covered in stone, the three upper pools were once the original tanks that housed minnows, water dogs, craw dads, and other live bait. The surrounding bath house is the original bait shop, minus one wall. A sign above the pools pays homage to the bath house’s interesting story

There are 5 Riverside Rock Pools. They are milder in temperature (between 95-106) and are the perfect choices for a longer, detoxifying soak. They are literally a few feet from the river’s edge and are the premier spot for enjoying the view of Turtleback Mountain and the abundant wildlife, or, for enjoying a relaxing soak under the starry night sky.

Private Pools
Pure Zen

Our private pools are perfect for those that would like more peaceful privacy. They are clothing optional and are walled on three sides but open to the riverside mountain view. They are available for rental by the public and are discounted for overnight guests. Rent them via 50 minute sessions that start at the top of every hour between 8AM and the last session of the night starts at 9 PM. Click the “Book Now” links below to book online.


Our newer Deluxe Pools all combine the comfort and unique shapes of fiberglass pools with the beautiful design and breathtaking views that Riverbend has been known for. They are larger and milder temperatures than the Classic Pools. All Deluxe Pools feature underwater lights, ceiling fans, misters (in the Summer months), a cold overhead shower, and riverside curtains. Two chaise loungers are provided for cooling off and relaxing in each pool enclosure but all of the pools are large enough for groups up to 4 people. Larger parties (up to 6 in Navajo and Apache) can possibly be booked via phone. Children ages 12 and up are welcome (same price as adult). No pets allowed in Deluxe Pool enclosures. All pool areas at Riverbend are designated Whisper Zones


Our Classic Pools offer a more rustic, yet natural feeling soak. They are constructed of concrete, tile and/or stone and offer a bit hotter temperature than our Deluxe Pools. Each features an overhead cold shower, misters (in the Summer months), riverside curtains, and 2 chaise loungers. The Classic Pools are all great for singles or couples, but you could fit up to 4 guests in Cielo and Tierra. Children ages 12 and up are welcome (same price as adult). All pool areas at Riverbend are designated Whisper Zones.


Our Guests say

Delightful hot springs with peaceful ambiance. The have relaxing music playing at a very low level with amazing... read more - Tom Coakley - 1/25/2022 

Cute little place. We got a private soak for an hour and it was the most relaxing thing ever. ... read more - Karina Villanueva - 1/25/2022 

This is the best place ever! Its gotten harder to book a room in the past few years but still great. - Jesse Martinez - 1/23/2022 

Relaxing time, great staff and clean environment. Highly recommended. - sergio salinas - 1/22/2022 

Clean, tranquil, & super relaxing. - Timo Mcgarvin - 1/20/2022 

Friendly staff! Clean hot springs!! - Singh Khalsa - 1/20/2022 

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