History of Riverbend Hot Springs

Long considered sacred by the Apache and Mimbres tribes of southern New Mexico, the natural, mineral rich water of Riverbend Hot Springs has been relaxing and rejuvenating warriors and peace-seekers alike, for centuries. Now we bring you these legendary waters from our gorgeous riverside locale in the historic downtown district of Truth or Consequences (formerly Hot Springs, NM).ruth or Consequences is a small spa town of just over 7,000 people. The village of Hot Springs, New Mexico became Truth or Consequences after a gameshow challenge in 1950 left us with one of the most unique names in the world. Other names for T or C include “The City of Health” and “The Water Wonderland of New Mexico.” That’s because, in addition to being one of the most affordable hot springs spa towns in America, T or C hugs the Rio Grande River and is right in between two of the largest lakes in New Mexico. Click here to watch videos about TorC.At over 40,000 surface acres and over 200 miles of shoreline, Elephant Butte Lake is New Mexico’s largest lake. It is the state’s number one destination for boating, swimming, camping and fishing. EB Lake is only a five mile drive from Riverbend. New Mexico’s third largest lake, Caballo Lake, is a more peaceful alternative for fishing, camping, and small boating, and it’s only eight miles away!

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