Perfect For Any Occasion

Gift Certificates

Purchase a Gift Certificate online that can be used for overnight lodging and/or soaks! You can email it directly to the recipient or email it to yourself (recommended) and either forward it or print it out. Gift Certificates are good for 5 years and any amount of credit can be loaded onto it.

GC Amounts for Rooms

Because our hotel room rates are not static, you could give us a call to either get a quote for a specific night or to find out what the price ranges are for each particular room, that way you cover the most a room could cost. If you aren’t trying to cover the cost of their entire stay, your best bet is to just pick an amount that you want to give and leave it up to the recipient to make up the rest.


GC Amounts for Soaks

Our hourly rates are static so check our prices for Hot Springs here before purchasing your Gift Certificate so you can determine how much to load.


Kimono Waffle Robe

Our Cotton/Poly Waffle Kimono Robes are the same ones featured in all of our hotel rooms for guest use but are also embroidered with the Riverbend logo so you can relax at home and remember how great you felt on your last visit here. Sold at our front desk only.

Special Edition Dukatt 71 Tie Dye Embroidered Kimono Robe

Special Edition and for a limited time! Choose from Alien, Heart, or Peace Sign. No two robes are alike. All hand dyed by Dukatt 71 in Truth or Consequences. Sold at the front desk only.

Specials & Packages