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Riverbend Hot Springs is both a Hot Springs open to the public and an overnight Resort with Hotel Rooms and RV Spaces. You can walk in and purchase an hourly Property Pass to access the shared Common Pools and Grounds or you can reserve your own Private Pool by the 50 minute session. Overnight guests get FREE access to the Common Pools and Grounds and a discount on their Private Soaks. We currently don’t offer Spa Treatments or have an onsite Restaurant but see for more info about what Truth or Consequences and Sierra County has to offer.

Desafortunadamente, no tenemos a nadie aquí que hable español. Sin embargo, puede ver una versión traducida de nuestro sitio web aquí.

We are open every day of the year, rain or shine, from 8 AM to 10 PM MST. Our last Private Pool session or Property Pass entry is by 9 PM.

Riverbend is geared toward couples but can be perfect for any adults who are looking for a quiet and peaceful escape from the stress and distractions of modern life. All areas are Quiet Zones, pool areas are Whisper Zones, and our closing hours are Silent Hours. We welcome Children ages 12 and older only. We don’t allow drugs or alcohol near our Sacred Springs.

For most groups, no. Groups usually come together to visit or to celebrate and our ambiance is geared toward quiet relaxation and inner reflection. Groups are heavily limited and pay a surcharge unless they book the entire resort for private use. Please see our Groups page for much more info.

Riverbend Hot Springs welcomes Children ages 12 and older. Our hazardous riverside location and our whisper quiet ambiance is not suited to younger children. See much more info here.

We allow Small (20 lbs or less) Dogs (2 maximum) to accompany overnight guests for a $20/dog/night fee. Dogs must be at least a year old, well behaved and quiet, leashed at all times, and picked up after. Hot Springs day visitors are encouraged to board their dogs locally before coming to Riverbend. Dogs must not be left in vehicles in our parking lot. Cats and other animals are not allowed. Service Animals will be vetted to prevent fraud and to protect the integrity of the ADA’s Service Animal program.

No Smoking or Vaping is allowed indoors or outdoors on Riverbend property with the exception of the designated smokers table by the street. Guests who smoke indoors will be charged a minimum of $250 Restoration Fee.

We are a Quiet Health Resort and do not allow alcohol near our Sacred Springs or guests who are intoxicated to enter. Overnight guests who partake at dinner or away from the springs are encouraged to exercise extreme caution if planning on soaking after drinking. The hot water and alcohol do not mix well and can be a very hazardous combination.

We have one fully ADA compliant room and most of the property is accessible via wheelchair. One of our Common Pools has a Chair Lift.

We do and its use is free for paying customers. We encourage you to take pictures but to try and disconnect as much as possible and to not use cell phones (or other devices with a screen or light source) after dark in Common Areas for the consideration of other guests.

Not at this time, but visit for information about local Independent Therapists and other spas that do.


Hourly Soaking starts at just $12/person. See our Hot Springs page for more info. We don’t have any permanent discounts but see Specials & Packages for current deals.

No, we are open to the public by the hour (Property Pass to access the Common Pools and Grounds) or by 50 minute session (to access a Private Pool). We don’t have a Day Pass but Overnight guests (Rooms and RV) get the Common Pools and Grounds for FREE during pool hours and can rent their Private Pools at a discount.

The Property Pass (one hour pass to the Common Pools and Grounds) is first come, first served and no reservations are taken. The Private Pools should be reserved in advance, especially on weekends and other peak times. Walk ins for a Private Pool are possible if a pool is still available but keep in mind that 50 Minute Sessions start at the top of each hour, so arriving 15-30 minutes before the top of the hour is recommended.

Our Natural Hot Mineral Water is amazing! With over 36 different minerals and no smell, it is crystal clear and so healing. We do not treat or heat the water. See much more info here.

There could be. If you have any Health Conditions that can be affected by heat, you should check with your physician before entering the springs. These may include but are limited to high/low blood pressure, heart disease, pregnancy, diabetes and more. Those who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs should not enter the springs.

Our water is pumped from the aquifer from wells but not heated, chlorinated or treated in anyway. We maintain shockingly clean pools compared to most hot springs due to the amount of constant fresh mineral water we pump into each pool and our diligent cleaning procedures (skimming, vacuuming, and pressure washing). The mineral Chloride is very high in our water and is a natural antiseptic and helps prevent bacterial growth. We are very lucky to have some of the best mineral springs in the world.

Credit cards will be Pre-Authorized to assure validity. We reserve the option to charge your Credit Card for your appointment at or after the cancellation cutoff date to assure payment for your appointment and to expedite registration during peak times. Appointments with declined Credit Cards will be cancelled.

The cutoff date for cancellation depends on how many Pool Sessions you book. Each 50 minute session in each pool is 1 Pool Session (ie: 1 pool for 2 {50 minute} sessions in a row= 2 Pool Sessions and 2 pools for 3 {50 minute} sessions in a row= 6 Pool Sessions). We require 24 hours notice to cancel or change your appointment if you have 1 or 2 Pool Sessions. We require 7 days notice to cancel or change your appointment if you have 3-5 Pool Sessions. We require 30 days notice to cancel or change your appointment if you have 6 or more Pool Sessions. Cancellations or changes (move or shorten) to your appointment with less notice than those specified periods will result in credit card charges of $30 per Pool Session. No Shows will of course be charged as well. No exceptions.

Common Pools: Clean bathing suits are required to be worn. T shirts worn over bathing suites are acceptable as long as they are clean and all private parts are covered. No undergarments or shoes may be worn in the springs.

Private Pools: Private Pools are clothing optional so you could go in nude or with clean bathing attire as described above.

Food is not allowed near pools, but we are still allowing any beverages that are non-alcoholic and in non-breakable containers. If staying at the resort, we do have designated areas away from the pools where food and glass are allowed.

Pool temperatures vary by season and by wind and outdoor ambient temperatures but can range between 95-108 degrees. Our natural water temperatures are estimates and are not guaranteed and can not be adjusted.

The Sauna is included during your stay if you purchase the 1 Hour Property Pass or if you are an overnight guest. Private Pool rental does not include a Property Pass but you could add one on after your Private Soak.

We do not have lockers. Common Pools have Cubby Holes that are visible from most pools and tables and chairs are also available for guest’s belongings. We recommend that valuables are locked in vehicles as we cannot be held responsible for loss or theft of guest’s items.

Private Pools have their own lounge chairs and hooks where belongings could be stowed while soaking.

Bring a bathing suit (or two if staying overnight so you can put on a dry one in the morning), flip flops or slippers. Towels and robes are included for Hotel Room guests (just towels for RV guests) and are able to be rented for hourly guests. Or, you could bring your own. Sun Screen/Block is not allowed to be worn in any of our all natural hot springs pools. so a hat or parasol could be brought or purchased. Beverages are available for sale or you could bring your own, but no alcohol, food or glass/breakables are allowed in or near the pools.


We don’t have static room rates so prices depend on current occupancy for the night(s) you are booking and how far in advance you are booking. Weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) are always higher than weekdays. See our Rooms page to see the starting rates and start the online booking process to get a quote for a specific night. The rule of thumb is to book as far in advance as possible (up to six months) to get the best rate.

Check out our Important Info and Policies page and agree to them at the bottom to go to our online booking systems. There, you can check availability, book or get a quote for a hotel room, or,  check availability and book a private soak.

We are a small but busy Inn. We welcome your reservation when your plans are firm. All reservations require 50% DEPOSIT of the total bill, charged at the time you make the reservation. The Balance will be charged by us at the cancellation cut off date (see below) using the credit card on file. If you would like to use a different card or different form or payment for the balance, you must let us know before the cut off date. Reservations made on or after the cut off date will be charged the full cost of the reservation and will be locked in and non-refundable. Please realize that a reservation holds you a room within a certain room type, not any specific room. We reserve the right to change the room assignment as needed, to accommodate other guests and longer stays.

– Cancellations must be made by phone only. Cancellation requests sent via email may not be received and you may be charged for the room(s) reserved.
– If you cancel and do not receive a cancellation email, please call us to verify that your room was cancelled and that our email address for you is correct.
– Cancellations (includes: changing dates, shortening of stay, early check out, or “no show”) must be made at least seven (7) days before your arrival date to receive a refund of your deposit, minus a $20 cancellation/processing fee per room.
– Cancellations during holiday periods and during special events must be made at least thirty (30) days before your arrival date to receive a refund of your deposit, minus a $20 cancellation/processing fee per room. There is also a two night minimum on many of these dates.
Please understand that you must take full responsibility for your ENTIRE RESERVATION for cancellations within 7 days of your arrival (or 30 days for holidays and special events). No exceptions!

Friday and Saturday nights tend to book up 6-8 weeks in advance and weekdays can book up to 2 weeks in advance. Our busiest seasons are Spring and Fall, followed closely by Winter and Summer is our quietest season. RV sites don’t book up as far in advance as hotel rooms but you should still book 2-4 weeks in advance for weekends during our busier seasons.

We have 6 RV sites across the street from the Springs and we welcome fully self contained RVs. Your rig must have it’s own toilet and sink to stay here. We do not allow tent or car/truck/van camping.

Check in time is between 3 PM and 6 PM . You can arrive between 6-10 PM with advanced notice and after 10 PM by special arrangement (call us by 6 PM to arrange a late arrival).

Check out time is before 11 AM. Late checkout is not available due to our 100% occupancy. See our current Extended Property Pass Specials for info about accessing the springs before 3 PM or after 11 AM.

Location and Getting Here

We are on the banks of an engineered section of the Rio Grande. Because we are in between Elephant Butte Lake and Caballo Lake, our section of the river is controlled by the Bureau of Reclamation to transfer water for irrigation. This is great because it means we have cold, clear water flowing by our property every Summer. The full irrigation season is from March to early October so unless we are in extreme drought and there isn’t enough water in Elephant Butte, the river is flowing during those months and perfect for a cold dip or a relaxing tube float.

The rest of the year, the BOR builds a dirt dam just south of Riverbend, which means that the whole rest of the year, we have a long, beautiful pond that attracts so much wildlife and is perfect for a relaxed kayaking excursion. Because of the BOR’s control, flooding is extremely rare and we enjoy a full river nearly all year long. We are very lucky!

FYI, there are 1-3 weeks a year when the river is in transition between irrigation and off season and there is very little to no water in it (usually in March and October but it varies depending on irrigation demands and drought conditions).

When the river is fully flowing with cold clear water from Elephant Butte Lake, we open up our gate and allow guests to access the river under our river pier (usually June, July and August at least but could be as long as March-October depending on the BOR). It is strictly at your own risk and you must shower before re-entering the springs, but we paved steps down into it and provide a rope. We ask that you do not leave the paved area under our pier, for your safety and for the consideration of our Private Soakers.

Albuquerque NM (ABQ) and El Paso TX (ELP) International Airports are both 2 hours from us. If you have your own aircraft, T or C Municipal Airport is 8.5 miles away and a courtesy car is available there for day use.

Unfortunately, Greyhound no longer stops in Truth or Consequences. You can rent a car to get here from either Albuquerque NM International Airport (ABQ) or El Paso TX International Airport (ELP).

As far as we currently know, Whitehead Chevrolet rents cars here in town but please check with them to make sure.

Random Questions

#RiverbendHotSpringsMagic comes in many forms but perhaps one of our most popular installations is our laser lights that we project at the trees across the river. They resemble fireflies and really help set the magical mood here at night. If you would like to create a bit of magic in your yard, we recommend Sparkle Magic brand projectors.

Our outdoor wildlife murals are by graffiti artist @release1201 and he includes the Ojo de Dios symbol in his work as sort of his signature. It is an important symbol in his Native heritage but some believe it resembles the symbol of the Free Masons. At least a few people have mistakenly made this assumption and contacted us so we feel that possibly many more might be making this mistake, so it is worth mentioning.